Sunday, June 11, 2017

Spring 2017

I haven't written on here in a while and thought I would give an update on our family, mainly for my own benefit, but for friends and family as well!

To begin with, Cameron is 13 months and officially walking, walking EVERYWHERE! He can say "Mama" and sometimes he'll mimic a few words like "go", "woah", and "dad". He make the "s" sound when he's pointing to things and attempting to say something. He gets so excited when he sees Reggie, Daxton, and Daddy (he's with me all of the time so he doesn't have a chance to be excited to see me, haha)! He loves to play and wrestle with Daxton. His favorite movie is Moana. He just learned this week how to scream and flex his muscles! The screaming isn't so cute, but the flexing is hilarious!

He dances to any kind of music but if he recognizes the song he stops everything he's doing just to dance to it! His favorite thing to do at the park is going down the slide. He loves playing in any kind of water, bath water, pool, toilet, and reggie's water bowl. He prefers to be outside all the time and when he hears a door shut without him going out he gets very sad. He is a pretty tough kid when it comes to injuries, we don't know where half the bruises he has came from.

Daxton is our entertainer! He quotes movies left and right and now pretends he is recording videos all the time. "Hi kids! Today I'm Daxton, and this is (whoever is by him) and today we are going to (insert any random activity)!" He's so funny! So we have started putting his little videos on YouTube, Daxton's Detours.

He loves playing at the park with "friends", basically any kid at the park is his friend. But he especially loves to play with his friends from church. He tells me that he loves the beach and the pool. But his favorite thing is going to Disneyland! His favorite ride is Buzz Lightyear or Pirates of the Caribbean. We have season passes so we go fairly often! He also loves roller coasters. He is very protective of his brother and loves playing with him. He is so excited to play soccer and we are working on sportsmanship right now. We say "good game" after every game or race no matter if we win or lose. And if we lose, "we try harder next time".

Adam is doing great on his project right now! He is working on the pedestrian crossing on the Mexico, California boarder. He has also been working really hard on a side project that he has recently received district recognition for! His project is now being entered into a company wide competition!

But after work he loves playing with the boys! He loves his time off so he can teach the boys all different sports, quote movies with Daxton, wrestle with them both, and of course, hang out with me!

I definitely feel outnumbered with all the boys around but I find time to get my girly stuff in! I'm just trying to keep up with being a mom. I love watching the boys start playing together. My favorite is when they will let me cuddle with them! Right now I'm working on a couple of different projects, trying to get my craft on.

I love to go on walks with the fam. I love living in San Diego, especially with the beach so close! Disneyland is also a superb perk of living in Southern California. Adam works a ton, but when he is home we love going on walks, turning on our favorite shows, and exploring San Diego!

We are definitely taking advantage of living in Southern California! Between the beach, the parks, and Disneyland, we are loving it down here! 

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