Thursday, July 20, 2017

Idaho, water, and fireworks

We just got back from a wonderfully relaxing vacation to Idaho and Utah! It was much needed, especially for Adam, to get away from everything and just relax. So we headed straight up to Idaho so we could be there over the Fourth of July.

On Saturday, we were able to go to the Madison County Rodeo! It was Adam's (and also Daxton's and Cameron's) first ever rodeo! I always love going to the rodeo, although I don't go to many.

Sunday, because our entire family was together for the first time since Cody left on his mission, we went to take family pictures! They turned out so great! We went out the the sand dunes and found an amazing spot with several different back grounds we could use. The boys even did better than expected!

Monday, we followed my parents on a four wheeler ride! My dad showed us a different route than I had ever been on, so that was fun! He took us up to a point where we could over look the whole valley around Ririe. He pointed out my grandpa's house, my mom was showing Daxton the different crops growing around us, and it made me fall in love with Idaho all over again. After we got back from our ride, we decided it was a terrible great idea to float in the canal that is still ice melt runs along my grandpa's property. We even took the boys with us! It was freezing and the boys didn't like it at first. But we were lucky and got the biggest tube, so the boys could stay out of the water, while mine and Adam's butts went numb. Although I can't complain because one of my sisters basically floated the whole thing submerged in the water because she and her boyfriend couldn't figure out how to stay on the tube. Haha! Then we headed over to join my grandpa, his wife, Linda, and some of her family who all rented a blow up water slide! It was a little cold and a couple people found out the hard way that "one last time" was a bad idea, but it was still so much fun!

Tuesday was the Fourth of July! We enjoyed the Rexburg parade, ate lunch where Adam devoured some Cheerwine on tap, and then headed to Rigby Lake! We only had a couple of hours to be there before we had to head back to grandpa's house to shower and get ready for fireworks! We had originally planned on going to fireworks in Idaho Falls but then decided we didn't want to fight the crowds and went to Menan instead. It was great to just hang out with everyone before fireworks started. The fireworks show was fabulous! We were a little worried about Cameron since Dax did NOT like fireworks when he was younger. But he surprised us all when he giggled, cheered, and squealed for more! Daxton loved the fireworks and his glow stick "magic wand" to go with them!

Wednesday, mom and dad had to get back home. But we got to go have lunch with all of my siblings in Rexburg! And we really wanted to walk around the BYU-Idaho campus because it has changed a good bit since we left. Fortunately for us, some good friends of ours happen to be in Rexburg that same day! So we met up with them, walked around campus for a bit and then took all of our boys to the splash pad! After they had to leave and my sisters were off work, we headed to the Sandbar in Saint Anthony! We only stayed there for a little while because the clouds rolled in pretty quickly.

After we were done with the Sandbar, we headed back to Rexburg for dinner! We went to the other place in town that had Cheerwine which made Adam a very happy camper! Then we all decided to crash Chelsea and Wyatt's house to play a game!

Thursday was the day we sent Adam down to Utah on the Salt lake Express. But before he left we had lunch with my siblings again! After we dropped Adam off at the bus stop we headed over to Rexburg Rapids, a little water park in Rexburg! Chelsea and Wyatt were so nice a decided to come with us! The water park is definitely geared toward younger kids and it was pretty busy but it was still fun! After the water park, we headed back to grandpa's house for some hot dogs and s'mores with cousins!

On Friday, after we cleaned and packed up our things, we headed to Rexburg for lunch one last time before we left Idaho. We had all of the siblings, except Chels who is always working in Idaho Falls when we have lunch, plus a few honorary siblings! 

After lunch, we headed to Utah and we made it just in time to have dinner with some good friends and their family! We have missed seeing them the past couple of times we have been in Utah, so it was great to catch up with them. 

Then Saturday was "guys day" for Adam and a few of his college roommates. This meant I had a little time to go see grandma Tracy and grandpa Chris! Thanks for letting us stop by for a visit! 

 Sunday was great! We were able to head down to Draper and see two of Adam's brothers, their wives, and their girls! We see my sister in law and niece, Kirsten and Hazel, fairly often. Often enough that Daxton calls some of his friends Hazel. haha! But we don't get to see Jared, Kristin and their girls hardly ever (which will hopefully change now that they moved to Utah). We had dinner with them and then took the kids to the park to get some energy out. It was so much fun to see all the cousins playing together and getting to know each other better! Then it was time for Jared and Kristin to head back to their house and for us to get our kids ready for bed.

It should have been bedtime for everyone, but I talked my brother in law (who's regular bedtime is around seven nine) into staying up late and playing Settlers of Catan with us! We love playing board games with them and we rarely get to do it. Then it was really time for bed.... or was it? Kir and I can never stay in the same place and get to bed at a decent time. We stayed up talking and didn't go to bed until we realized it was 3 am! Then shortly after, Adam and I gathered our family and headed out at 7:30 am! haha! 

But all in all, it was a great vacation and so nice to get away from real life for a second! 

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