Sunday, October 8, 2017

Chapter 7: The next move

We've hit our 18 month mark in San Diego so I guess that means it's about time for our next move (insert sarcasm here). That's been about the average time we have stayed in an area since we've been married. Some places a little shorter, a couple places a tad longer. We thought we would be here for a bit longer but this is a really good opportunity for Adam and we support him in what he feels is right for his career.

We have absolutely loved living in San Diego! Between the perfect weather, our friends, the beach, and of course Disneyland, it has been amazing! There have obviously been more visitors come see us here than any other area because let's face it, who wouldn't want to visit San Diego?! We are sad to be leaving this area and there are so many things we will miss but alas we our heading to the seventh home in our six years of marriage.

Normally our moves happen within a month from when we are told of the change. This time has been so different. We have known for close to 6 months that we were moving and where to, but didn't have an exact move date. I think I prefer to have everything happen pretty fast. This waiting and unknown stuff is not my favorite. So now that we do have a move week, I finally feel better about making the announcement more public.

We are moving back to Phoenix, Arizona!

This will be the first time we are moving back to an area we have already lived. Adam will be working on a project at the airport. We are pretty happy with this move because we have lived there before, we already have friends there, and I have a cousin who lives in the area! We haven't had many chances to live around family so I'm pretty excited about that! We are really excited about the great schools there because Daxton will start Kindergarten next fall!

The move date: we move the first week of November and it is coming up really fast! We will go house hunting within the next couple of weeks and then head out soon after. This next month is going to be so crazy busy for us with all of the beach trips, organizing the house, house hunting, and everything else that comes with moving.

Here's to the next great adventure!

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