Friday, May 12, 2017

Disneyland with littles: only the beginning

First off, you can bring water bottles and snacks in the park, do it! You can refill your water bottles for free at a couple different places and others they will give you a cup of ice to put in your water bottles! You'll probably want to do at least one meal in the park, but they are pretty pricey so take advantage of bringing snacks in to the park!

Use the fast pass system! The fast pass lets you skip waiting in line for the super long lines and jump pretty close to the front! You can get a new fast pass per ticket every two hours.

Download the free app for the Disneyland wait times. This will tell you which rides your should do fast passes for and which ones to just wait in the regular line for.  The longer the wait time in line, the more you'll want to get a fast pass for that ride.

Also, if you want to ride on a ride that your kids don't want to or can't (40 inches is the height requirement for the bigger rides except Indiana jones), use the switch pass! Ask the worker at the beginning of each line about a switch pass. It's basically a fast pass for the people who have to wait with younger kids. There are tons of rides that have no height requirement. Or another option is he single rider lines!

You will want to for sure see the electrical parade at night! There are two times they do it, one around 8 and one around 10:45. The map for the park will show you the route. We discovered that if you watch the parade back by the "it's a small world ride", it's a little less crowded than it is on Main Street or next to the castle. The one around 8 starts at the "it's a small world" ride and the one at 10:45 the parade ends at "it's a small world".

Go to Peter Pan first, that ride doesn't have fast passes so the line gets long fast.

The fireworks show is fun because they play clips of Disney movies on the castle while fireworks are going, but if you want a good spot you should probably start looking for one at least an hour before the show starts.

Also, look in to the photo pass! They have photographers at the most popular photo spots in the park so you can get all of those pictures professionally taken plus you get all the pictures that are taken on rides (individually the ride pictures are like $40). I've only done this at Disney world, but it's worth looking in to at Disneyland too.

If you do California adventure, go straight to cars land and get a fast pass for the main cars ride because the line gets up to like a 90 minute wait and fast passes are gone in about the first two hours the park is open. I'm not as well versed in that park, but it's still a blast! California adventure has more the Pixar things in it and it closes two hours earlier than Disneyland. This park has a few less rides with no height limit than Disneyland does too.

I think it's worth getting to the park right when it opens and then when your kids need to rest/ take a nap that's when you go grab lunch or sit for a snack!

A stroller is totally worth taking into the park if you think you might have to carry anyone. There is stroller parking next to every ride so it's pretty convenient! I also use my Tula carrier most of the time as well!

And above all else, enjoy the magic that is Disneyland!!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Holiday Letter

2016 was a crazy year for us, as are most years! But we opted out of sending Christmas cards so instead I'm recapping our year through our blog!

January, we headed back home from Idaho and recovered from an emotional Christmas and New Years. My grandparents on my mom's side passed away just 9 days apart right before Christmas. Right after we returned home, we found out we were moving to San Diego 3 weeks later!

February, we moved down to Chula Vista, California, just south of San Diego! Adam is working on the San Ysidro Port of Entry. He started there in a new position and has been learning lots!

Being down here in San Diego has given us lots of places to play! We were able to get Disneyland season passes so we try to get up there quite often. We love playing at the beach and we are only about 15 minutes away from our favorite beach so we get lots of sand time in. We also have passes to the San Diego Zoo so we have been able to go to the zoo and safari park regularly! We love the weather down here and are hoping we get to stay in the San Diego area for a while.

May 1st we welcomed our sweet baby, Cameron, into our family! It was a longer stay in the hospital than we would have liked, but since then it has been like we have never been without him!

Cameron loves to watch Daxton in almost anything he does. Daxton can make him laugh more than any of us! I love to watch the two of them learn, grow, and play together! Cameron is 8 months old now and is crawling, pulling himself up on everything, and has recently learned how to clap and shake his head. He loves the bath and will find it in any bathroom he goes in to! He still likes to be held a bunch but is slowly figuring out that he can explore more if he crawls.

July, we blessed Cameron in church so a bunch of our family came in to town! We got to do Disneyland, the zoo, the beach, and the Mormon Battalion with them!

August 5th Daxton turned 3! I can't believe it! He's getting so big! He makes us laugh every day by the things he says or does. He repeats things we say all the time! He loves pirates, playing the Wii (pizza dough aka Mario) and anything to do with space.  He knows all the planets in order and something special about each of them. He quotes movies all the time and he seems to just slip it in regular conversations. Haha! He loves to make Cameron laugh and if Cam is crying he always asks me to feed him, "pleeeeeease!" He loves to sing primary songs and has learned his ABC's! People still think he's older than he is, but he will get that his whole life.

In August I was also able to take the boys to Idaho to see my grandparents. I was so grateful I made that trip when I did so my grandma could meet Cameron. 💕

The end of September, my sister Chelsea got married in Portland, Oregon!

October 9th, my sweet grandma Graham passed away. We celebrated her life with most of my family on that side. I think we were only missing a couple of cousins. I miss her every day but I know she's in a better place.

November we celebrated thanksgiving with our little family. It was actually kind of nice to just relax and spend time with Adam while he was home.

December, we got to spend about two weeks in Utah with friends and family for Christmas! I was able to run up to Idaho for a couple of days while my family was up there! Then for Christmas, all of Adams siblings and their families were able to be together! This is a rare occasion when we get every single member of the family together so it was so fun to see everyone, catch up, and watch all 6 of the cousins play together!

Then for New Years we got to have some of our very good friends come stay with us for the weekend! We always have fun playing games, laughing and exploring! Our kids play so well together and we can't stop laughing! We love playing games with them so we got in several games in during their stay. It was a great way to ring in the new year!

2016 was very crazy, bitter sweet times, and big changes. I would be ok if 2017 was a little less eventful, but we know life doesn't work that way. 2017 looks great so far because my brother comes home in February from Jamaica after serving a mission for our church for the last 2 years!

2017, ready or not, here you come!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Chelsea's Wedding

We just returned home from a very emotional trip to Oregon and Idaho. There were some highs and lows but in general it was a good trip. Let's start with the beginning and why we headed to Oregon in the first place, my sister got married! It's crazy to say that, but we are so excited for them!

I was a slacker when it came to buying plane tickets so we ended up driving to Oregon (which actually worked best after all was said and done) and then Adam flew back to get back to work. We drove up starting on Wednesday September 28th and got to stay with some friends to split the trip up. Thanks so much Debbie and Eduardo! Next time we'll have to stay longer because we miss them so much! So we arrived in Oregon on Thursday and the wedding festivities were already underway. My parents' house was full of people from both the bride and groom's families eating dinner and making acquaintances.

The following day was Chelsea and Wyatt's big day! My mom and all my sisters (plus a couple of friends who are basically sisters) crammed in my parents bathroom to get ready together. Chels was in the middle of the bathroom being pampered, getting her hair and makeup done (props to Lindsay and Chrissy for hair and makeup). Then there was a sister standing in the bathtub with a mirror, mom standing in front of the main bathroom mirror, and I brought in another mirror to sit on the floor so I could get ready too. It was jam-packed, but so much fun to chat with the girls while we got ready.

Our tattoos on our ankles say "Bridesmaids" and Chelsea's says "Bride"

Chelsea and Wyatt were sealed together in the Portland, Oregon LDS Temple. It was a beautiful ceremony and to see them so happy was amazing. After pictures were taken, we headed over to the luncheon. Cassidy, Lindsay and I wrote a silly song for Chelsea and Wyatt that we were supposed to sing at the luncheon but because of technical difficulties, we couldn't sing it until the reception when there were more people to listen to our horrible amazing voices.

He sure loves his Papa!

Five and a half years and two kids later we get to be at the same place where we were married!


My boys! Handsome, right?

Fresh out of the temple

Everyone went their separate ways from the luncheon to go finish up some last minute setup for the reception, feed babies, and freshen up. Then we all met up for the reception at the cutest little barn about 10 minutes from my parents house.

They had a line for guests to come congratulate them and say hi. Then when that was finished, the bride and groom were able to take a little break to eat some pie and lemonade. When they were done, everyone headed upstairs for some dancing, cake cutting, and to hear our debut.


Adam and Chrissy 

Daxton and his buddy Wyatt - They asked to have their picture taken like this!

After a while of dancing, we sent the bride and groom off with sparklers and a saran wrapped car!

Now they are a newly married couple trying to figure out life while in school and working. We are so proud of you guys! Good luck on your next adventure!

Monday, September 12, 2016


We were so lucky to be able to visit my grandparents in Idaho this summer! I love Idaho in the summer time and I hadn't been able to be there during that season in about 5 years so it was so great to be back. My grandparents live just outside of Rexburg so we got to spend time with my sisters and my parents were able to be there too. 

We were crazy and drove the 16 hours but my cousin, Sam, and her little girl rode with us so that was so helpful. And Daxton was unbelievably good in the car so that made it much easier. Lucky for us, one my cousins lives in Saint George (about half way between San Diego and  Rexburg) and offered to let us stay the night to split up the trip. That was so great for the kids especially but for my cousin and I to catch some sleep too. Thanks again Mick and Lily! 

Once we finally made it to Idaho, it was like we were home (except we were missing Adam). I have such great memories at my grandparents house and it was fun to share some with Daxton! Saturday was just a prep day including some grocery shopping and taking lunch to Lindsay who had to work that day. 
Sunday we got to go to my grandparents Ward and saw some family and old friends of my dads. Then after we got home we had lunch with some new and old friends. It was fun catching up with the old friends and getting to know the new friends better.

Monday we took Dax and Cameron on their first decently long four wheeler ride! Thank goodness my grandparents live out in the country so we have lots of places to ride. After the ride we got to go to Bear World! My sister, Cassidy, works there so we get to hear a little about the behind the scenes stuff that goes on. It was so fun to see the Bears so close up. And Daxton loved the rides after we drove through! 

Tuesday and Wednesday were supposed to be lake days but there was a really bad fire right around the lakes that we could have gone to so we ended up not getting on the lake this year. I was super bummed because that's one of the things I was looking forward to the most. I wanted to Dax to be able to ride on the tubes and play on the dock. But instead, we stopped and got some ice cream not too far away from Palisades, around Swan Valley area. 

Thursday we got to go fishing with my parents and sister, Chelsea. This is when we discovered that Daxton is totally a sissy city boy. Haha! My parents and Chelsea were pulling worms out of the ground for our fishing trip and Dax wanted NOTHING to do with worms! Then while we were out on the boat, I caught a fish and then I had Daxton help me reel in a few times and he caught a fish. But he did not want to fish to be anywhere near him. So our picture ended up with him looking scared to death because the fish is closer than he would like. Haha! But he did enjoy sitting next to Grammy and dipping his hands into the water as we floated. Cameron didn't love being in a life jacket. He did ok for the most part and thankfully slept a lot of the trip. But it was so fun to be out on the water, in the sun, and in Idaho. 

After we got home from fishing we went shooting real quick before it got dark! Daxton had been asking to go shooting with Papa for the whole week before we went to Idaho. So he loved every second of it! Dax got to shoot my dad's 22 rifle. After he finished his first turn shooting with Papa, he turned to the rest of us who told him how good he did. After all the praise he did a couple bows and said, "Thank you, thank you!" It was one of the funniest thing I had ever seen! 

Friday was a prep day for my sister, Chelsea's, bridal shower the next day. 
Saturday was the bridal shower day! We finished some things very last minute (that's just the Graham way) but I think we pulled it all together pretty well! Chels was showered with love (and gifts) and hopefully got her a little more prepared for her big day! We are so excited for you Chels (and I guess Wyatt too 😜)! 

Sunday we went to my sister's Ward.... A singles ward, with two kids. That was a little stressful being the only one with kids, but the boys were actually pretty quiet the whole time! Thank goodness! Then we said goodbye to my parents and we hung out with my grandparents. 

Monday was my sister, Cassidy's, only day off for the week so we got to spend time with her. But first I said hi to an old friend from back home. We met her at the splash pad in Rexburg and let our kids play. When the kids were all getting a little cranky and hungry, we said goodbye and went to take Lindsay to lunch. Then Cass and I did a little shopping and the boys slept for the majority of it! After that we headed back to Ririe to roast some hotdogs and marshmallows! 

Tuesday was our turn to head back home. We turned it into a two day trip again and then got back home Wednesday evening. 

We had so much fun being with family and seeing some friends! And I love that Daxton had a huge yard to just run around and play in! But we missed Adam and was sad he didn't have time to take off to come with us. 

Until next time, Idaho.