Sunday, January 26, 2014

My hospital list

After doing a bunch of research on this topic and having it be my first time, I did pack a lot. But I found this list to be very helpful as I was packing.

Travel size toiletries - I brought these because I hate the feeling of some body wash and shampoo. Granted, I wasn't able to use them because I wanted to rinse off while I was in the bathroom for the first time and I passed out for a second so the nurses and my husband watched me like a hawk. I ended up using the hospital stuff.

Razor - I definitely didn't feel up to using a razor, and that never happens. I hate that feeling! But I did bring one!

Chapstick/ hard candy/ gum - this was the best thing to have after delivery! My lips were so dry after labor and delivery that Chapstick after was heavenly. I didn't want gum, but the hard candy was great to take away the bad taste. After I got to the hospital, I wasn't there for too long before I delivered but I have heard of people eating the candy during labor. 

Lotion - the hospital provides this, so you don't really need to bring this unless you have a special kind you like.

Brush/ hair ties - these were a must for me! I went in to the hospital with my hair down, but afterwards (and probably during delivery) I wanted my hair back and out of my face! 

Pajamas/ sweats/ zip up jacket - the hospital robe does not feel comfortable after all the shock, drugs, and tiredness ware off. I brought a robe and pajama pants and I loved it! The robe was especially good to have because it was so much easier to nurse Daxton with out having other layers in the way.

Nursing bra - I don't know about the rest of you moms, but all modesty went out the window when I got to the hospital. You just don't even care at that point. So I brought one, but I definitely didn't use it until I got home.

Breast pads/ nipple cream - I brought some but my milk didn't fully come in until I got home so I didn't need them at the hospital. But I would recommend bringing them just in case. My favorite are the lansinoh brand. Also, don't forget the nipple cream! That will seriously save your life!

Pads - I brought a ton of these, but I loved the huge pads the hospital had so I didn't use them until I got home. But if you are super picky, you might want to bring some of your own. Make sure they are the biggest ones though. I read somewhere that a lady bought Depends for when she got home and she loved them. I could never bring myself to buy them so I wouldn't know.

Underwear - the way some people talked about the hospital underwear, I was nervous that they would be so uncomfortable. So I just brought my own. Make sure that if you do bring your own that they are some you don't mind ruining or having to throw away because trust me, it might happen!  But I actually loved the hospital underwear! They were super comfy and totally worked with the diaper size pads you get to wear after delivery! I definitely asked for more to take home with me.

Flip flops - these were great to have because although the hospital gives you socks to wear, I didn't want them on all the time. So having flip flops to slip on in the middle of the night to walk to the bathroom or to the nursery was great!

The fun stuff - now each experience will be different when you delivery your babies so the "fun" things you bring May or May not be used. I was really worried I would have a lot of down time before I delivered so I packed several things:
- word find
- magazine
- iPad
- phone
- journal
- notepad
- camera 
I wanted to make sure that the things I brought wouldn't take too much thought or concentration because let's face it, your mind is most definitely not going to be focused on anything except your precious little one! I honestly didn't use anything but my phone and camera. But I had all of 45 minutes of down time to let my epidural set in before we had Daxton. 

Husbands stuff - I was told to let me husband pack his things, but if I hadn't have packed for him it wouldn't have been done. I was also home all day while he was at work so it was easy for me. But I assumed he would be coming from work when we headed to the hospital, so this is what I packed for him:
- sweats/ pajamas (basically something comfortable for him to be in)
- underwear
- socks and or flip flops
- same basic toiletries I packed for myself
- entertainment for him
- pillow and blanket (you have the bed and he gets the couch or chair)
- snacks
- drinks

Can I tell you, having those snacks and drinks are NOT just for your husband! You will LOVE that you have them while you are there! We happened to have baked several dozen cookies the night before to keep our minds occupied! They were amazing in the hospital and when we got home.

Another tip (just because I had to learn the hard way), when the nurse takes you back to get your hospital gown on, take off all of your clothes. NOT just your pants. My nurse only told me to take off my bottoms and with it being my first experience I was assuming there would be another time they would have me get fully undressed. It didn't happen. Next thing I knew, they were hooking me up to IV's so I couldn't take my shirt off until after he was born. Let me tell you, it was pretty uncomfortable! That's why in all my pictures you see the pink shirt underneath. I know, you're probably thinking, "What an idiot! Of course you take off all your clothes when they give you the hospital gown!" It was probably because I was so out of it, being dilated to an 8 by the time we arrived at the hospital and being in that much pain really messes with your head!

We also had made a list in our phones of the people we wanted to text after Daxton was born. I'm not sure if those texts were actually sent, because I didn't touch my phone again until a couple hours after he was born. But it felt good to be prepared in case we had sent the text! 

If nothing else, don't forget your camera, sd card, and charger/ batteries! You most definitely want to capture the first moments of your baby!! 

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